Maskology Rope Halter for Horses Super Sturdy Horse Rope Training Halter with 2 Knot 1/4" Stiff Halter Cord Draft Turquoise


STRONG ROPE HORSE ROPE HALTER: Made with 1/4” rope, the halter exerts enough force and yet won’t bite into your horse when under pressure. Strong and with little stretch..SIZED TIE RING: A sized tie ring is designed to clip the lead rope as there is no hardware. Size: one size in Standard size (suitable for most Standard-sized horses). Friendly reminder: Please make sure to measure your horse's size specs and double-check with our size reference..LIGHTWEIGHT & STURDY HORSE TRAINING HALTER: Tied from a strong and lightweight rope, this rope halter gives your horse just the right fit for optimum comfort and performance..MORE CONTROL: Rope halters are tied with various knots and no hardware, great for exerting more control during training..EASY TO USE: Constructed from one continuous piece of rope. When used with a lead rope, this rope halter is super easy for the halter to hold.



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