High Security Safe Deposit Box Lock Replace/Double Nose Safe Deposit Lock Right Hand with Guard Key and Renter Key for Bank Lock, Safety Deposit Lock


【 SAFE DEPOSIT LOCK SET】A safe deposit lock right and two individual locks, requiring both a guard key from the bank employee and a renter key from the box’s renter to open the lock simultaneously!.【DOUBLE NOSE SAFE DEPOSIT LOCK RIGHT HAND】Right Hand (RH) locks are installed on a right hand door where the door hinged is at the right side, makes safe deposit locks highly secure and dependable!ock with their renter key to retract the lock bolt and open the door!.【DUAL ACCESS CONTRO】The safe deposit lock requires two keys from different holders, with the valid guard key inserted and turned open, the renter can now unlock the entire lock with their renter key to retract the lock bolt and open the door!.【HIGH QUALITY】the big nose: 0.713"(18.1mm) and the small nose: 0.570"(14.5mm), nose heights: ½"(12.7mm) bullseye/ leFebure 7300 fixed lever, small renter and guard noses, brass finish 11/16″ diameter!.【SERVICE & NOTE】If you are not a safe technician or professional locksmith, please do not attempt the installation. If you encounter any problems or difficulties, please contact us and we will provide one-on-one service to help you solve your problem!



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