Cat Water Fountain, Apetdola Cat Fountain Automatic with Stainless Steel Tray, 2L/67oz Ultra-Quiet Pet Water Fountain for Cats Inside, Cat Fountain Water Bowl, for Cats, Dogs, Multiple Pets


[Cat Not Drinking Water?] NO WORRY! APETDOLA Cat Water Fountain simulates the flow of natural streams to awaken your pet's love for the water. Cat fountain allows 4 water flow settings for picky drinkers, has more fun while drinking. The falling stream also ensures the water is cooler and more oxygenated, improving the taste. Your fur baby will approve it, driven by their natural instincts..[Quiet Way to Pamper Cat] Our water fountain for cats inside has particular spout design and upgraded pump to reduce the noise generated by the water flow. The sound to be peaceful is only 25 dB, lower than a whisper, allowing your cats or dogs to drink without being disturbed. The pet water fountain doesn't flow too wide like others do which means less chance of getting kitten's face wet, especially Garfield..[Fresher, Healthier, Better Tasting] Unlike ordinary 3-layer, our pet fountain comes with a bigger 6-layer filter to purify your cat ‘s or dog’s drinking water, MUCH MORE efficient at removing hair, air particles, unpleasant smells than the tiny 3-layer ones. This dog water fountain with stainless steel lid provides cool water all day which tastes better and fresher, help your dogs or cats stay healthy!.[Make It a Breeze to Clean] Unlike the traditional all-in-one, Apetdola cat water dispenser has less pieces to identify, the pump is attached to the lid no dragging the whole cord with you, so it was incredibly easy to clean. The stainless steel tray is dishwasher safe, easier to clean than plastic. It comes with a cleaning kit like tweezers, brush and a cleaning sponge, the included instructions are also easy to follow..[Smart & Durable] The front viewing panel of cat fountain water bowl makes it simple to view the water level. The smart LED reminds you of changes in water volume, shows blue light when the water is sufficient, red light when it is not. The cat fountain also has a low water cut off feature to avoid pump burn out. This is a GREAT choice if you are a busy person who sometimes forgets to check water levels everyday.



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