Hair Wax Stick with Elastic Band for Hair Wig, 3 Pcs Lace Melting Band for Lace Wigs with Hair Glue Gel for Women,Wig Band for Melting Lace Edge Band and FDBJulyy Hair Wax Stick Hair Gel Stick For Flyaways,Hair Styling Products(1 Pack Wax+3pcs Band)


♥【Effect of hair wax stick】1 Pack Wax+3pcs Band hair wax stick can smooth irregular hair. Our hair wax can adjust and smooth the hair, so as to achieve the effect of no curl. Wax stick is an ideal choice for simple or natural hair style..♥【Advantages of hair wax stick】This hair slick stick is easy to use and won't curl, won't harden, soft hair, enhance luster, won't accumulate, and is very suitable for medium and short hair styles,.♥【Usage suggestions】The hair wax stick can be applied to the hands first, and gently care for the desired shape with your fingers. It can also be directly applied to the hair area to be controlled.♥【hair stick Use scenario】The compact hair wax stick design allows you to carry it around. The retractable design allows you to put it in your pocket,.♥【FULL REFUND GUARANTEE】For whatever reason you are not satisfied with FDBJulyy Hair Wax Stick, we will give you a 100% refund within 100 days without any conditions. What are you waiting for, click the "Buy Now" button now.



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