Funny Farm A2 Milk Macaroni and Cheese | Pasta with Cheddar Cheese Flavor - Goat Cheese Mac and Cheese Dinner Bundle (Bulk 10 Pack) | A2 Goat Milk Cheese Pasta Sauce Packet with Elbow Macaroni Noodles - Goats Milk Based Cheddar Cheese Mac n Cheese


πŸ§€ Ultra Convenient: No more mixing powder, milk, and butter! Our mac and cheese cups take 3 minutes to microwave – just add water to the fill line! Delicious A2 Mac n Cheese in three minutes!.🐐 Digestion Friendly: Our cheddar cheese is made from digestion friendly A2 goats milk. Did you know that A2 goat milk has a healing effect on cows milk allergy (the number one food allergy)?.πŸ₯› Delicious Creamy Taste: Goat milk creates a thicker, creamier texture and mouthfeel - with no 'goat-y' taste. Delivers prebiotics that nourish our beneficial gut bacteria!.πŸ§€ Award Winning Cheese: We use award-winning Wisconsin goat cheese in our liquid pasta sauce mix. Our packaged macaroni and cheese requires 75% LESS butter than the other boxes and delivers a creamier result!.🐐 Goat Milk Nutritional Benefits: Goat's milk contains more calcium, vitamin A, potassium and vitamin B6 than cow's milk. Our award-winning milk includes ZERO antibiotics, growth hormones or synthetics..🌱 Sustainable Goat Farms: Our goat milk comes from a cooperative of over 70 Wisconsin small 'hoofprint' farms. Local, sustainable, humble goat farms providing small batch, high quality milk.



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