MOON Kendall Jenner Teeth Whitening Pen and Dissolving Teeth Whitening Strips Bundle


Anytime. Anywhere. You're busy but you know how important first impressions are. So you only choose the most effective oral beauty & teeth whitening products to feel as polished as you look. With a Moon pen in your bag, your smile gets the love and attention it deserves. Take your look to a new level within just 30 seconds of that first use. You'll see a difference immediately with lasting results in as little as two weeks..Oral Care Shouldn’t Be Boring: At Moon we aim high, so our whitening products include essential oils and better-for-you ingredients. When we sat down with Kendall the goal was simple, to disrupt, innovate and surpass all other products with an elevated, modern whitening experience - The kind that goes beyond simple stain removal. And that’s exactly what we did with the Whitening Pen and it actually tastes great too. Meet the key players: lavender, strawberry, honeysuckle flower, vanilla & mint..Creating innovation in Teeth Whitening: Our dissolving Whitening strips are super easy to use – they are very thin and adhere easily to the teeth and dissolve within 15 minutes. Intended for use morning and night for 2 weeks to see results of 7 shades whiter teeth. They taste great too! Freshening mint flavor to not only whiten but refresh the mouth..Easy to add to your routine: These strips are extremely thin so can be popped on during any point of the day. They dissolve quickly and freshen and are thin enough to be used while on phone calls or out and about – they are very hard to notice..The Moon Whitening Experience: Enhanced with hydrogen peroxide formula for gentle, yet effective whitening. A proprietary blend of a better-for-you mixture that includes essential oils, coconut, cranberry, tea tree and even the superfood camu camu. An apothecary style blend that delivers the ultimate result: every day whitening and a remarkably clean feeling smile.



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