Window Bird Feeder - LIPSUN Clear Bird Feeders for Window w/Strong Suction Cups, Enhanced Acrylic with Birds Swing, Detachable Seed Tray, Drainage Roof and Tray Design for Outside Wild Birds


Extended Circular Arc Roof Design Window Bird House. Circular arc shape can be effectively squirrel proof. And you can also set it 10 feet away from ledges. Extended roof can greatly keep the seed dry from falling rain. More birds will love to stay with dry and eatable food..3 Big Detachable Food Trays, Easy to Clean & Refill. LIPSUN suction cup bird feeder has a removable seed tray by sliding inside through a track and 2 magnets to keep it staying in place.Refilling food and cleaning are also easy for you to do. No more seed droping all over the place. More space for various food attract more birds..Strong Suction Cups Bird Feeder for Window. 4 ultra durable and strong suction cups secure the bird house staying in place while birds dining. Ensure perfect viewing for birds lovers..Provide What Birds love, They will Like to Stay. Standing bar design is easy to be grasped by birds. It helps birds stayding and to protect their claws. Roof rounded corners don't hurt birds' feather. Bird swing can provide more fun and staying place for wild birds. More birds will come to the bird house..Perfect Window Bird House for Viewing. The enhanced clear acrylic provides a close and plain view. Center hollowed round window gives a more direct view for close watching for your cat/children/the elder. More food space and also swing of entertainment for birds, more backyard birds will come everyday..We provide "No-Question-Asked" return on our bird feeder. If for any reason that you are not completely satisfied with our product or service, please contact us directly. We will have person specially to offer service and make things right.



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