Southwire 63949221 25' 8/3 with Ground Romex Brand SIMpull Residential Indoor Electrical Wire Type NM-B, Black & Leviton 4934 2-Gang Flush Mount 2.15 Inch Dia. Device Receptacle Wallplate


Product 1: Coated in patented SIMpull Cable Jacket for easier pulling, stripping, and installation.Product 1: Primarily used in residential wiring as branch circuits for outlets, switches, and other loads.Product 1: UL Listed type NM-B.Product 1: 8 gauge, 3 conductors with ground, 25' per coil.Product 2: Maintained Contact, Double Pole, Double Throw, Center OFF.Product 2: Easy to Clean, Smooth Finish.Product 2: Non-Combustible.Product 2: Color-Matched Metal Mounting Screws Supplied



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