NoCry Heavy Duty Magnetic Grabber Tool with 25lb Pull Force; Extendable up to 30in & Magnetic 27.7in Grabber Tool with an Extra Long, Flexible Cable; Comes with a Retractable Claw Grabber


STRONG MAGNET WITH 25LB PULL FORCE. Grab small objects from hard to reach places with ease. This magnet is perfect for rescuing iron parts from behind the worktable or picking up screws without bending over..STAINLESS STEEL BODY EXTENDS UP TO 30IN. Only 7in long when retracted, this compact, durable grabber tool easily fits in your tool kit. It extends out to 30in and the 0.87in magnetic head slips inside small, tight spaces. If you’re a mechanic, craftsman, or a DIYer, this is a great tool to have on hand..COMFORTABLE, CONVENIENT DESIGN. This isn’t just any telescoping magnetic pickup tool: the non-slip, cushioned handle makes it extremely comfortable to hold. And, thanks to the pen pocket clip, carrying it is easy too..EXTRA LONG, FLEXIBLE CABLE. Need help retrieving nuts, bolts, screws, jewelry and lost things from hard to reach places? We’ve got you covered. Our reacher grabber pickup tool is 27in long and the cable is thin enough to fit down the drain!.STRONG 4-FINGER RETRACTABLE CLAW. Controlling your grabber is easy thanks to the press-and-release, spring-loaded grip. This makes it perfect for gripping all kinds of metal and non-metal objects.



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