Trideer Back Roller Wheel - Back Stretcher with 2 Types of Massage Bumps, Back Cracker for Back Pain Relief, Yoga Wheel for Back to Muscle Release & Spine Stretch - 7.5" W x 11" H


【Relieves Upper & Lower Back Pain】 Our back massager for back pain comes with a practical user manual with detailed instructions to guide you through various exercises for upper & lower back pain relief. The back roller is a magical tool to release fascia, reduce pain and tightness, massage muscles, and improve spinal flexibility..【Greater Weight Limit of 770lbs】 With no glue, and seamless construction, the back stretcher is made of racing helmet grade ABS, boasting incredible durability and a much greater weight limit of 770 lbs. Each back cracking device has undergone the most stringent pressure test before leaving the factory, leaving your mind at peace during use..【Releases Multiple Body Parts】 This is a versatile back cracker that works not only the back but the muscles and fascia of other body parts including the front and outer leg and gluteal muscles. All you need is just 1 Trideer Back Foam Roller to get that instant relief and release in all those tight areas all over your body..【Deepens Stretches & Corrects Posture】Besides easing your back pain, our back popper of back pain relief products stretches your body pre-workout and opens up tight shoulders and chest, thus working wonders to boost your workout performance, preventing unnecessary injuries due to insufficient warmup, and building better posture..【7.5" Wide for Extra Stability】 With a width of 7.5 inches, the foam roller for back is 1.5 times as wide as other yoga wheels. The extra width means more stability, as it increases its contact area with your body to make it much less shaky. You will surely feel safe, comfortable, and stable during your massage or physical therapy sessions using it..【From Beginner to Advanced】 If you have back tension or a back with fascia nodules, and are very sensitive to pain, you can cushion the muscle roller with a towel or roll it against the wall if you feel too much stimulation to your deeper muscles from the bumps. After a period of time and then advanced to ground use, different ways of using the stretching equipment you can feel the different depths of action.



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