Limit Switch L350 Replacement, 47-22861-01 Furnace Limit Switch Srl350 350f, Compatible with Automobile Motor, Transformer, General Electrical Equipment Supplies (2 Piece)


L350 Limit Switch Replacement: L350 limit switch replacement, compatible with Rheem Furnace 47-22861-01.Conspicuous Design: this product has the characteristics of small size, insulated shell, sensitive movement and long life; The middle part uses ceramic material, which is more temperature resistant compared with ordinary bakelite, and the temperature resistance degree can reach 300℃ for long term use..Where to Apply: suitable for new energy battery, motor, power supply, light ballast, transformer, automobile motor, integrated circuit and general electrical equipment overheat and overcurrent double protection.Nice Workmanship: limit switch device is the use of a certain geometric shape of the bimetallic sheet, by the bimetallic sheet of its own sense of mild current thermal effect, the state of the bimetallic element changes rapidly, directly drive the contact to realize automatic cut off and put on the circuit, play a role in overheating, overload protection.What You Get: 1/2 pcs L350 Limit Switch Replacement, light weight and reasonable size, simple to use and easy to install



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