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THE ROLE OF THE STIRRUP: The stirrup is a harness used by horse riders to step on their feet when mounting and riding. The stirrup is not only to help a person get on a horse, but also to support the rider's feet while riding in order to control the body posture and effectively maintain balance and stability on horseback..SIZE AND SUPPORT POINTS :The stirrup is approximately 20*18*7cm and is suitable for adults. It provides a good support point for the rider to preserve his or her strength while riding and makes the equestrian movements more refined. The rider's foot is also able to quickly slide out of the stirrup in the event of an accident..ONE SIDED LOAD CAPACITY OF OVER 300 KG: This riding stirrup is made of quality aluminum alloy, which is durable and practical, and has a strong one sided load capacity of over 300 kg. The safe and non slip stirrups are not only easy to step in, but also do not feel tied up, allowing you to maximize your riding skills..DIE CASTING PROCESS: The stirrup is made by die casting process, and the product is dense without small holes and has a polished surface. With the addition of these beautiful stirrups, the tension and rhythm, delicacy and sensitivity, coordination and spontaneity that are displayed when you and your horse work together skillfully can be displayed in the possible with a raised hand..A GIFT FOR RIDING ENTHUSIASTS: These lightweight and comfortable stirrups are ideal for long rides (weight approx. 473.5g) and are a great tool for riding horses, providing optimum comfort in the leg position. It won't make your knees sore, so get it for your saddle! This stirrup is suitable for pedaling while riding, or pedaling for horse training performance, and is a perfect gift for riding enthusiasts.



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