kathson Sphagnum Moss for Reptiles, 10.5 Oz Natural Dried Moss, Reptiles Peat Moss, Natural Sphagnum Moss, Frog Moss for Leopard, Long Fibered Dried Moss for Tortoise/Bearded Dragon/Snake/Lizard


✅ 【Sphagnum Moss for Reptiles】Sphagnum moss is nutritious and the perfect substrate for reptile or amphibian breeding boxes for turtles, snakes, leopard geckos, etc. Keep your reptile pets comfortable while hibernating, hiding, crawling and sleeping..✅ 【Moisture and Breathable】Long fibered dried moss fully absorbs water and swells to become fluffy and soft, inspiring reptiles to dig and explore naturally, while providing excellent moisture absorption and air circulation, absorbing and breaking down odors and waste, keeping your reptile pet's living environment clean, healthy and comfortable..✅ 【Natural Dried Moss】We carefully select high quality dry forest moss, which is naturally air-dried, clean and soft, with few impurities, no soil, no dust accumulation, and no artificial coloring. As peat moss is purely natural, it inevitably contains a small amount of impurities, you do not need to pick it out, these are very safe for plants and animals..✅ 【How to use】You will get you will get 300g dried green sphagnum moss, take appropriate amount of moss and soak it in the sink until the moss is saturated, then squeeze out the excess water from the moss, spread it evenly on the reptile habitat or bonsai plant where moss is needed, spray water regularly to maintain a moist environment..✅ 【Wide Application】Natural sphagnum moss not only provides a soft shell for your creepy crawly pets and is ideal for reptile bedding, but also serves as an excellent medium to nourish plants and flowers and promote rapid rooting. Peat moss creates a good ecological environment for your indoor potted plants and reptile and amphibian pets.



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