GPS Tracker for Vehicles, GB100M 4G LTE, [1-Minute Install on Car's Battery], Real-Time Tracking Device, [Hidden GPS Tracking Device], Subscription Required (1 Pack)


👮[Stolen Vehicle Recovery] Protect your vehicle from theft or misuse. PrimeTracking GPS tracker for vehicles is a invaluable tool that can help you recover your vehicle in the event that it is stolen, lost or misued. Our system uses the latest in GPS tracking technology to provide you with real-time location information on your vehicle, so you can track it down and get it back as quickly as possible..🔋[Built-in Battery] This device will never have to be charged because once installed on the vehicles battery, you’ll be online, giving you instant access to your vehicle in real-time as well as speed information and driving reports from our smartphone app or desktop browser!.📍[Subscription Required] Unlimited access for one low monthly price. $17/mo, Cancel Anytime, No Contracts, No Hidden Fees.🥇[One-Minute Install] Get your vehicle online in just 1 minute with our quick and easy install process..🚀[FCC & PTCRB Certified] PrimeTracking GPS tracker is the best on the market! With PrimeTracking's high certification level you can be assured of getting a safe and reliable product for any situation at hand. Whether you’re checking up on teen drivers, employees, or promoting safe driving, we got you covered..🔔[Instant Alerts] State-of-the-art 4G LTE technology means you get geofence, speeding, location, movement and direction information as it happens, updated every 10 seconds in our smartphone app or desktop interface. Unlike our competitors that charge more for fast updates, we include it..🛡️ [Lifetime Warranty] Includes any lost or damaged device. The monthly fee of $17/mo is required.



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