Smart Carbon Monoxide Detector, X-Sense Wi-Fi CO Detector, Real-Time Push Notifications via X-Sense Home Security App, Replaceable Battery, Optional 24/7 Professional Monitoring Service, XC04-WX


2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Connection: Easily connect this electrochemical CO alarm to the X-Sense Home Security app on your smartphone via a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network, without the need for a hub; download the app, sign up, and connect the device.Instant Notifications: Stay connected to your alarm and view all its notifications, including its CO alarm, low battery, malfunction, CO alarm precaution, and more; the Device Sharing function lets you add your family members so you can all keep an eye on your home's safety.Customized Fire Alarm Dispatch Service: The smart alarm supports the subscription-based professional 24/7 monitoring service from the X-Sense Home Security app, giving you access to an emergency dispatch when you need it most to protect your life, family, and property.10-Year Sensor Life: This battery-operated smart electrochemical carbon monoxide detector has a stable and high-performance electrochemical Figaro CO sensor that accurately monitors CO levels in the house, ensuring that your family stays protected for 10 years.CO Alarm Precaution: Using the app, you will quickly receive a warning that alerts you to any possible risk once the CO level reaches above 100 ppm without waiting for the response time, allowing you to act immediately.Free-Standing Design: Measuring a mere size of 5.3 × 2.5 × 0.6 in (135 × 63 × 24 mm), this smart carbon monoxide detector can be left free-standing on a shelf or fixed to a wall using the accessories provided, giving you peace of mind whether at home or on holiday



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