TomTom Rider 550 Motorcycle GPS Navigation Device, 4.3 Inch, with World Maps & Rider Anti-Theft Solution for All TomTom Motorcycle Sat Nav Rider Models (Check Compatibility List Below)


Product 1: Routes with more hills and more thrills: Get all the cornering, hills, and thrills you can handle with TomTom's rider motorcycle GPS: Search, create, or import routes, then start your ride out.Product 1: World maps, traffic, and services: Stay safe, stay up-to-date. Get maps, safety camera alerts, and other live service updates quickly and easily via the TomTom rider GPS No computer needed.Product 1: Weatherproof build: Tom-Tom’s rider motorcycle GPS has rugged, ipx7-certified weatherproof design and capacitive touchscreen remain under your control even when you are wearing gloves.Product 1: Quad-core processor: The TomTom rider GPS’s quad-core processor runs commands simultaneously, doubling your overall processing speed and increasing your GPS's start up speed fivefold.Product 2: Enjoy extra security: Step away from your bike worry-free with your sat nav locked securely with the TomTom Motorcycle Anti-Theft Solution when parking your motorcycle or taking a break.Product 2: Effortless handling: Easily secure your sat nav with just the turn of a key. Spare key included.Product 2: Stay one step ahead of thieves: Protect your TomTom Rider sat nav. Once locked down, the TomTom Motorcycle anti-theft solution's design and build are superior deterrents against theft.Product 2: Easy installation: Fix the TomTom Motorcycle Anti-Theft Solution to your RAM bracket and Sat Nav mount for extra security



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