DIY Chicken Waterer Cups, 2 Pack Automatic Chicken Water Feeder Kit with 1/8'' MPT Hole Saw for Buckets Boxes Troughs, Poultry Waterer for Chicks Duck Goose Turkey or Bunny


🐔 【Best All-Rounder】ZenxyHoC water cups allow chicken keepers to design their own automatic or gravity-fed poultry watering systems. What’s nice about cups is that they’re more straightforward for hens to use than nipples are, and they’re wide enough that birdss and chicken can also dip their wattles in the water while drinking. With built-in valves that keep the cups at least half full, fowl will always have easy access to fresh water.🐔 【Reduce Water Leakage】Are such a great solution to stop tipping of bowls! Will keep your chickens hydrated with fresh clean water.Our drinking cup keeps the water level where it needs to be, so nothing spills out of the cup. Mean no wastage of water, splashing or getting dirty. Reduce your workload, save your time and provide fresh water for chickens all the time.🐔【The ideal chicken automatic waterer system】Supplying your chickens with ample, easily accessib fresh water is key to their well-being. Chicken water cups can be used to create an automatic waterer that keeps the water flowing all year round. In this case, Automatic chicken waterer will provide your chicken with a steady flow of clean water throughout the day even when you are not around.🐔【Peace of Mind & Reliable to Use】 Require no training or pecking by your chooks! Watch as your birds take right to cup, leaving you stress-free in making sure your flock is well taken care of! Cups are thick plastic and very durable, making it great for those of you needing a lightweight and affordable waterer option. It is suitable for all types of domestic birds like duck, chicken, parrot, pigeons, quail, chick etc.🐔 【Easy to Install】It comes with 2 cups suitable for up to 5 chickens. Each pack comes with hardware and a special drill bit so installation is very easy. Simply drill a hole for 1/8" MPT water cup you want to install and screw the cup into the watering system. Once you have fitted the cups you should check for leaks. Whether you prefer to hook your cups up to a PVC system or a bucket, these automatic filling cups are sure to keep your birds well taken care of and your coop dry all day long



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