Mite-B-Gone Kid Safe After Bite Itch Relief 10% Anti Itch Sulfur Soaps for Insect & Mosquito Bites, Itching & Discomfort | Safe for All Ages | Fast & Effective for All Skin Types | 4 oz Bars (2)


You may notice a slightly gritty texture to your soap, the Sulfur micro-particles. Sulfur is keratolytic, which means that it works to loosen the outer layer of the skin and shed those dead skin cells. This results in deeper penetration!.Mite-B-Gone gives you lasting relief WITHOUT any harsh chemicals or irritation..Combine our Topical Multi-Purpose Itch Cream or Lotion with our Highly Effective Soap to instantly counteract itching and clear up outbreaks..Proudly small-batched by our skilled production technicians in our FDA-Registered Facility right outside of Atlanta, Georgia, here in the USA..This product pairs best with our creams and lotions. If you experience drying of your skin while using this soap, reduce the amount of use. We also suggest using an unscented, lightweight lotion between uses..As with all new products, always test a small skin patch BEFORE completing the application. Look for reaction or sensitivity to skin first use. If a reaction or sensitivity occurs, discontinue use..Do not purchase if you are allergic to sulfa or sulfur-based products..Remove jewelry before use.



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