720-0830H 720-0830A Drip Pan Grease Tray with Catch Pan Set Grill Replacement Parts for Nexgrill, Grillmaster, Kenmore, Expert, BHG and More Grill 720-0697 720-0737 720-0783E Accessories NEX20003122A0


✅【UPGRADED THICKER AND HEAVIER】The nexgrill drip tray is made of solid stainless steel that it’s thicker than others. Not like other original grill tray, our grill drip pan is not easy to deform in use that the service life is long. The nexgrill drip pan can adjust the length, and has an angled to redirect the grease and dripping from your meat into the catch pan which attaches below the tray to capture grease..✅【DIMENSIONS AND MATERIALS】 1 Pack adjustable stainless steel drip tray and 1 pack stainless steel catch pan. The nexgrill grill grease tray is easy to adjust and the catch pan is easy to slide into place. The drip tray with catch pan set is easy to install, no other tools, freehand installation. ✅【NOTE】Please measures the size of your current grill grease tray or model number to ensure the grease pan fit your grill..✅【COMPATIBLE WITH NEXGRILL MODEL NUMBER】720-0830H, 720-0830A, 720-0783E, 720-1008, 720-0830, 720-0830D, 720-0830T, 720-0783EF, 720-0830HXA, 720-0830HR, 720-0888, 720-0888N, 720-0888S, 720-0830S and more nexgrill evolution infrared plus drip pan. (nexgrill 720-0830h replacement parts, 720-0830h nexgrill parts, 720-0830h grease tray, nexgrill 720-0830h drip pan, nexgrill 720-0830a drip pan).✅【COMPATIBLE WITH BHG GRILL MODEL NUMBER】720-0783H, 720-0783W and more. bhg grill parts replacement 720-0783h. ✅【COMPATIBLE WITH KENMORE GRILL MODEL NUMBER】122.33492410, 122.33492411 and more. ✅【COMPATIBLE WITH EXPERT GRILL MODEL NUMBER】 720-0968, 720-0789C, 720-0789H, 720-0968C and more. ✅【COMPATIBLE WITH GRILLMASTER GRILL MODEL NUMBER】720-0697, 720-0737 and more. (grillmaster 720-0697 drip pan, grillmaster 720-0697 grease tray, grill master 720-0697 drip pan).✅【COMPATIBLE WITH ORIGINAL PART NUMBER】NEX20003122A0, 20003122A0, 20003113A0, NEX20003113A0, NXG20003122A0, NXG20002858A0, 0830A-059, 20002858A0, NEX0830A-059, NEX20002858A0, NXG0830A-059 and more.



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