ANZERWIN Cat Heating Pad,Small Cat Heated Bed,Auto Shut Off Timer,Heated Cat Bed Adjustable Heated Pet Bed for Small Animal Puppy Whelping Box,Easy to Clean,5 Level Timer and 9 Adjustable Warming


▶【MET Safety Certified Cat Heating Pad in Winter】cat is man's faithful friend.When winter comes,what can we do for our friend? 2021 Upgraded cat Heating Pad is a good choice for you,The digital display heated cat beds keep warm in cold days while promote sleep,can accommodate a wide range of pets,including small dogs,suitable for small pets,arthritic pets,new born puppies,old cats,pregnant pets or small animals recovered from disease or injury..▶Diameter16" Auto Shut Off Small cat Heating Pad:Our small size heated cat pad is big enough for 20 pound cat and his brother,they sometimes share the mat,if you just had a small pad,the dogs were always jockeying for a spot,if you have a big cat heating pad,they are all snuggled and they can stretch your pet curls up in it and you may can’t get her to leave cat heating pad..▶【Heated Cat Bed with Timer Display,Comply with UL499,Large Pet Heating Pad for pet! 】HIGH setting is for heating the pad up fast,and it should be used at LOW setting for long periods.The heated bed keeps pet off the cold floor and the pet heating pad keeps pet steady warm at night time.Pet heating pad heated up nicely for the second time.Our tip:Give it more time to show its ability to heat instead of the first time you use it.MET/cMET certified,comply with UL499 safety standards..▶ 【Chew Proof Large Heated Cat Bed Sturdy 6.6 ft Chew Resistant Cord】The large heating cat bed adds an extra metal case on the power cord to prevent damage and leakage accident occurred,and with a chew guard around the end of the cord protected our pets not easily chew it up, offers extra safety for your pet and yourself.our cat heating pad is also really easy to clean!.▶【Veterinary Recommended cat Heating bed】The veterinarian suggested that when the indoor temperature is below 23 ℃(73.4℉),healthy cats are easy to catch a cold. When the indoor temperature is lower than 20 ℃(68℉),cats will feel cold when they sleep.The owner needs to take certain measures to keep warm.The owner should keep the cat warm with electric cat heating pad.Puppies,short haired cats,small cat,old cats who have just given birth,and sick cats need more special care.



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