2022 Upgraded Signal Generator, Seesii 60MHz 275MSa/s Dual Channel Signal Source Arbitrary Waveform Function Generator Frequency Meter, Support Phase Difference of 0-359.99° Adjust & APP Control


✅【Upgraded Signal Performance】: Seesii Dual-channel DDS arbitrary waveform generator adopts large scale FPGA integrated circuit and high speed MCU microprocessor, signal stability is greatly strengthened. The Frequency output of Sine wave can be up to 60MHz.The sampling rate is up to 275MSa/s, the vertical resolution is 14bits*8192 points, and more waveform data can be obtained per unit time, thus making the waveform more accurate..✅【0-359.99° Phrse Difference Adjustable】 : Equivalent dual channels of the function generator can output the same or different function signals or arbitrary waveform signals at the same time; All parameters can be adjusted independently. The phase difference between the two channels is 0-359.99 degrees continuously adjustable..✅【Arbitrary Waveforms Can be Drawn】: The frequency meter is equipped with more than 160 commonly used arbitrary waveforms are built in the upper computer software. The Arbitrary waveforms can be drawn and downloaded to the signal generator with one click..✅【Support Mobile App & PC Software Control】:This is a new version of the signal generator that supports mobile APP and computer software control.After downloading and installing the APP, connect the genarator through Blueto-oth,you can view all relevant data on the APP, and set all functions through the APP.And all operations are intuitively displayed in the PC software, so that you can quickly adjust the parameters and greatly improve the working efficiency of the instrument..✅【High Precise】:Seesii DDS signal generator can use sine wave, square wave, triangle wave, or arbitrary wave to generate pulse train, and the number of pulse period is continuously adjustable between 1-1048575. And the pulse bias is continuously adjustable; the pulse amplitude is continuously adjustable, accurate to 0.01V..✅【Wide Application】: Our upgraded function generators not only supports firmware update, but also has secondary development function. Can be widely used inroutine use, electronic engineering, biotechnology, medical, automotive and other industries.



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