MOPUP Touchless Bathroom Trash Cans, Waterproof Motion Sensor Bedroom Garbage Can, 3.5 Gallon Slim Plastic Narrow Small Dogproof Trash Bin for Office,Living Room,Kitchen, White


❤️IMPORTANT NOTE❤️Please install the 4 AA battery before using this sensor automatic bathroom wastebasket. After the sensor light is on, you can wave your hand or bend your knees 8 inches above the trash can sensor area to sense the opening.In the process of use, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately if any problem occurs..😊AUTOMATIC ADSORPTION OF GARBAGE BAGS😊 MOPUP automatic trash can has an air inlet and an air outlet inside. After you install the trash bag, close the lid of the garbage can, the interior of the garbage can will become a vacuum state, and the trash bag will be tightly attached to the wall of the garbage can. less than 10 in can make the trash bag automatically absorbed and fit closer to the inner wall of the barrel than manual bagging to maximize the use of the space inside the bucket..👋TOUCHLESS BATHROOM TRASH CAN👋Our motion sensor trash can uses advanced automatic sensing technology, you only need to put your hands or knees in the sensing area (6-10 in), then the trash bin can capture your every movement within 0.3 seconds to achieve precise sensing, and finally it will automatically turns off when you leave the sensing area for 6 seconds. Such an intelligent sensor design can easily throw garbage without bending over even when you can't have a free hand..🏡SLIM BATHROOM TRASH CAN SUITABLE FOR NARROW SPACE🏡The narrow plastic trash can with a large capacity of 14liters(3.5 Gallon) which is really large enough for you to throw rubbish. 6.3 inches narrow slit and wide mouth design of the garbage on the one hand can be placed in any corner to maximize the use of indoor space, on the other hand it makes dumping garbage easier. With cover design prevents the odor from spreading out, and can keep the air in the environment clear at all times..🚮SMART TRASH CAN,SILENTLY OPENING AND CLOSING🚮The interior of the rubbish can adopts an upgraded smart chip, which can still maintain high efficiency and long battery life under the premise of satisfying different opening and closing methods of the trash can. MOPUP induction trash can cover adopts air damping technology, which can be opened and closed silently and slowly, even if you throw garbage in the middle of the night, it will not disturb your families' rest..💡WATERPROOF AND MOISTURE-PROOF DESIGN💡 Our Motion Sensor Trash Bin adopt high-quality materials and advanced design.This automatic trash can still maintain the sensitive opening and closing performance of the bucket lid in the daily wet and splashing environment, It is not afraid of water splashing, and there is no problem of touch failure. so it is very suitable for toilet, bathroom, living room, bedroom..🛍️OUR SERVICE🛍️If you encounter problems with product quality and shipping damage, please feel free to contact us. At MOPUP STORE, you can enjoy unconditional return and exchange service, we will make sure our customers get the most perfect shopping experience.



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