FitBeast Back Roller, Foam Roller, Back Stretcher & Back Cracker for Back Pain Relief, 12" Height 7" Width Yoga Wheel, Back Roller Wheel for Muscle Therapy and Deep Tissue Massage


SAY GOODBYE TO BACK PAIN — The FitBeast back roller foam for back pain is ergonomically designed to stretch the spine and massage the upper and lower back muscles. The yoga wheel helps to relieve shoulder soreness, spine stiffness, and back pain. These can be caused by a sedentary lifestyle, incorrect sitting posture, a lack of exercise, and back injuries..SOFT & HARD AREAS TO MEET ALL YOUR NEEDS — Because everyone's pain tolerance is different, the FitBeast back roller foam for back pain has two massage areas of differing hardness, allowing you to effectively massage without injuring your back..GROOVE DESIGN TO PROTECT YOUR SPINE — The spine groove avoids pressing your spine or increasing spinal pressure. The bumpy design massages the deep muscles of the back and relieves muscle tension and back pain..RACING HELMET MATERIAL, NOT BREAK — The inside of the FitBeast back roller foam for back pain is made of the same material as most racing helmets, meaning that it can endure strong compression and is impact resistant. It's durable, safe, can hold up to 1000lbs, and won't deform or break easily. The FitBeast back roller foam for back pain (12" diameter, 7" wide) will fit your back perfectly..TUTORIAL VIDEOS AND AFTER SALES SERVICE — FitBeast offers product instruction and tutorial videos to help you make full use of our back roller. In addition, we have a professional after-sales team. No matter what the problem, we will help you solve it as quickly as we can.



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