opaprain 4x4x4 inch 50 pack small white gift box with lid, DIY made easy assemblely gift box for weddings, birthday parties, holiday celebrations


50 Pack 4x4x4" Paper Gift Boxes - With the compact and lovely shape, these gift boxes with lids are the perfect size for bridesmaid proposal gifts and wedding gifts. Classic white color can easily match and add an elegant touch to all of your different styles and meaningful gifts..Recyclable Gift Boxes for Presents - Made of premium 100% recyclable paper, these gift boxes with lids for presents are of great endurance, enough to hold small glasses, jars or mugs..Customize Your Gift - The pure color surface design allows you to personalize your gift easily! You can draw, write the words you want, a die-cut of heart, or add stickers to show your creativity on the boxes for gifts. It will be a unique present full of your feelings of love..Assembly in Seconds - These small gift boxes are easy to assemble with no need for tape and glue. Simply fold along all the pre-scored lines and you will finish in seconds! It is advised not to use these boxes for posting..Package Surprise for All Occasions - The white gift box can be widely used in various applications and make your life full of joy and surprise. They are also ideal to hold cupcakes, biscuits, snacks, homemade soap, and small cosmetics as a surprise gift.



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