Swpeet 751Pcs 0.15" x 0.32" 5 Colors 3 Shaped Quick Links Connectors and Jewelry Needle Nose Pliers Kit, Metal Pinch Clip Jewelry Clasp Bail Charm Knot Chain Clasp Jump Ring Open


🥇 What You Get ------ In this kit, You will get 751Pcs 0.15" x 0.32" 5 Colors 3 Shaped Quick Links Connectors and Jewelry Needle Nose Pliers Assortment Kit, Including 1Pcs Jewelry Needle Nose Pliers; 150Pcs Gold Quick Links Connectors; 150Pcs Silver Quick Links Connectors; 150Pcs KC Gold Quick Links Connectors; 150Pcs White K Quick Links Connectors; 150Pcs 3 Shaped Quick Links Connectors. These are perfect connectors. More choices for your DIY craft projects..🥇 Good Quality and Versatility ------- Very nice! Not exactly what you think it is but these are actually working out better. Useful versatility. Thinking of all sorts of ideas for using them. They shape when closed resembles the leminscated or the number 8. They are strong, good coloring & good quality. These small s hooks are made of nickel plated metal, sturdy and durable, so these mini metal hooks can hang other DIY projects..🥇 With 1Pcs Needle Nose Pliers ------- The chain nose pliers also called needle nose pliers or snipe nose pliers, are a great universal versatile plier that has long, tapering jaws without teeth that is smooth and pointed. The needle nose pliers are perfect for gripping, bending, crimping, opening and closing jump rings, holding small items and shaping wire. They can reach into tight places that are inaccessible to other types of pliers..🥇 Two Ends Design Better Than Ordinary ------- Comparison with traditional jump rings, This clasp set features two ends, each with slotted openings you can use with multiple ropes and hooks to connect your crafts. Better than jump rings in some applications..🥇 Great for Quick Links ------- Great for attaching quick links and charms. Quick links can be used in conjunction with quick links chain to create contemporary chain designs. Hang charms, beads, or crystal components with jump rings, connectors or bails.



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