AirBaker 19 Pack Vacuum Storage Bags - Space Saver Bags (3 Jumbo, 3 Large, 4 Medium, 4 Small, 5 Roll) for Comforters Blankets Clothes Pillows, Travel Vacuum Storage Seal Bags, Hand Pump Included


MORE THAN 3X SPACE SAVINGS. Taking away every bit of air until it turns hard like floor. Reduce original volume by 80% for comforters, pillows, 60% off for clothes sweaters and blankets..BPA FREE AND BETTER PUNCTURE RESISTANT. Made of 5 Layer Co-Extrusion film. Way more soft than common film, working well in puncture resistant and low temperature..FREE TRAVEL PUMP & EASY TO USE. Works with any home vacuum cleaner and you can easily vacuum storage all your rarely used stuff..ONE PACK FITS ALL. There are many different sizes to store away all your seasonal apparel, sheets, blankets, pillows, comforters and stuffed toys etc. 19 bags included: 3 Jumbo: 39.3” X 31.5” (100 cm X 80 cm), 3 Large: 31.5” X 23.6” (80 cm X 60 cm), 4 Medium: 27.5” X 19.6” (70 cm X 50 cm), 4 Small: 23.5” X 15.5”(60 cm X 40 cm), 5 Roll up: 23.5” X 15.5”(60 cm X 40 cm).NOTICE: Please pinch the zippers to make sure they are totally clipped and do not take off the pink gasket. Otherwise bags can not be vacuumed. If bags leaking even though totally zip lock, do not hesitate to contact us for replacement.



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