Skateboard Wall Mount Hanger, Wood Skateboard Hanger, Longboard Deck Hanger for Display and Storage at Studio and Storeroom for Floating Effects


【Wood Skateboard Hanger】 Composed of a hardwood base and a skateboard holder made of quality carbon steel, the skateboard wall mount boasts wonderful bearing capacity. The flexible silicone tube can protect your skateboard paint from scratches. With the same material as that of your skateboard, the skateboard hanger is a perfect match for your skateboard Longboard or old school boards ..【Adjustable Distance from Wall】 You can control the distance between the skateboard and wall by cutting the silicone tube on the hanger for perfect floating effects. Unlike other skateboard hangers, the deck hanger can make your deck parallel to the wall if you make the two tubes have the same length. A US patent is applied for the skateboard wall hanger design currently..【Space-saving】 The skateboard hanger is perfect for uses at home, studio. This skateboard wall mount securely fixes your favorite skateboard on the wall to save the space and make your house well-organized. The deck wall mount hanger makes your precious skateboard or any retired one a work of art on the wall instead of a clutter..【Easy to install】 The package includes two hand-screw nuts for fixing only. Without other screws that may get lost or hard to install, the installation can be easier. You can install the skateboard wall hanger and display deck on the wall within minutes after cutting a portion of each tube as per the thickness of your skateboard..【Wide used】With 1.6 " as the distance between the two holes of the deck wall hanger base, the deck hanger is applicable to most skateboards. The flexible rubber tubes covering the support arms have favorable anti-slip effects, so you can use the skateboard rack to place your keys, bags, coats, and other items as well.



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