German Vinyl Grip Locking Straight & Curved Hemostat -Hemostat Forceps- Stainless Steel Locking Tweezer Clamps - Ideal Hemostats for Nurses, Fishing Forceps, Crafts and Hobby (RED CVD 6.25")


Premium German Stainless steel Vinyl Grip locking hemostat with serrated jaws has vinyl-coated handles. The overall length is 6.25"..Multiple uses: these vinyl grip hemostat forceps can be applied for pet ear hair, fishing, electronic repair, crafting or any operation that requires a delicate touch, and are suitable for doctors, nurses, firefighters, and our daily use at home.Full serrated jaws: these hemostat clamps provide strong grip for small objects; Each instrument has at least 3 tension/ locking positions for versatility and optimal performance, which can effectively hold small objects firmly.DURABLE HIGH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL: Forged from premium stainless steel, you can depend on this set of hemostats to last you many years, even with constant use. Built to never rust, break or even bend under pressure, they are a valuable addition to any tool kit..Revolutionary non stick surface. Suitable for all medical staff, and for use in the home 1st aid kit too Made of High quality 420 stainless steel and easy to carry in your pocket. Long-life and reusable, easy to use and affordable. Ratcheted Finger Vinyl Grip Handle.Ultra Smooth Finish. Package Includes: As you select from the drop down variation options



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