Fovaa Green Underwater Fishing Light, IP68 LED Night Fish Attractor, 3000 Lumens 12V 30W Led Submersible Lamp for Crappie, Snook, Squid, Shad, Shrimp, 16.4ft Cord with Alligator Clips


【Super bright green & Blue light】:Fovaa fishing light can adjust green light or blue light, which can meet the needs of customers in different waters and fish species, Using a thick acrylic shell with a light transmittance of 97%, 360° of light output, Safe 12V DC output, rated power of 30W and 3000LM..【Waterproof IP68】: The pure copper waterproof interface is matched with waterproof silicone, which can reach IP68 waterproof level, a water pressure resistance of 30-50 meters deep, waterproof & anti-rust & anti-corrosion. suitable for fresh water and saltwater..【50000H Long Life-Span】:Aluminum alloy lamp body has an efficient heat dissipation function. The efficient heat dissipation performance greatly reduces the power consumption of the lamps and increases the service life of the lamps. (Note: When it is not in the water, it should not be opened for a long time, the heat will not dissipate, and it is easy to burn out.).【Two-color Controller】:The 16.4FT long power cord comes with a two-color controller, which can adjust green or blue light, 10-level brightness, and power on/off. Additional configuration with alligator clip and cigarette lighter adapter..【Efficient Attracts fish】:Widely used anywhere night fishing, on your boat, kayak, dock or aquarium, etc. Used to attract crucian carp, carp, herring, grass carp, silver carp, catfish, tilapia, bigeye, red snapper, and crucian carp (freshwater fish). And most phototaxis fish such as cuttlefish, hairtail, plaice, Pacific bass, Kinki, largemouth bass, pike, salmon, trout, muskellunge, shad, and even squid (sea fish).



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