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Testing Stone Detect Precious Metals: This genuine testing stone is used to verify the gold content of an item, the smooth black glass surface allows you to easily read the test acid on this stone, this detect metals scrap testing stone is used with the gold test acid to determine if acid gold test stones is pure gold and carat.Discoloration Test Method: Put a drop of silver platinum testing tools water on the acid silver test stones, the real gold will stay on the touchstone, the fake gold will dissolve or oxidize into blue, the acid will change the color according to the purity, using this precious metal test stone, you will not need to test your precious metal direct operation to avoid damage to the quality of your precious metals.Non Slip Design: The portable gold test stone has a non slip pad on the back to prevent the stone from sliding or scratching on the table top, the platinum acid test stone is used to test your gold jewelry without damaging it, use the jewelry gold testing stone instead of testing directly in one piece.Suitable for Goldsmithing: Gold testing detection stone is very suitable for testing jewelry, coins, silver, platinum collectibles, a must-have jewelry scratch acid test tool for pawnshops, gold and silver stores, gold and silver testing stones can also help you buy gold and silver for your family, girlfriend , in order to prevent your wife from being cheated, as a woman, you can also buy it to test whether your boyfriend or husband is cheating you with fake gold and silver jewelry.Measuring Purity: This gold test stone for coins is used to test any pure gold you think is 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, 24k, and jewelry testing stones can measure a variety of purities