Pinless Moisture Meters Non-Invasive Digital Wood Moisture Tester Water Leak Detector for Wall,Lumber, building,Firewood,Humidity Tester (BLACK)


✅ PROTECT WORK SURFACES -Pinless moisture meter comes with no pins on, so your walls and projects can be undamaged from pinholes, scuffing and scratching to figure out their moisture levels.✅ EASY TO READ AND USE- Moisture meter has Big backlit LCD screen and a 3-color LED bar graph, HOLD button, auto power-off function, out of range alarm and low battery, 9V battery included.✅FIRST STEP IN MOLD PREVENTION - by checking suspicious water stains with a moisture tester around the house, You can determine whether the area is wet (a perfect breeding ground for mold),but not tell the mold directly..✘ It reads 0-5% on drywall(gypsum panel) -You are not recommended to make test on drywall, because the density of the drywall is too low to register a reading.(the actual readings will vary based on humidity and density of the material)..✅ ➜➜Very Important-TIPS 1: The pinless moisture meter is penetrates up to 0.75inches deep, so wetter materials located below your subject material can also influence the readings, as can metal nails, workbench, your hand, etc..✅ ➜➜Very Important-TIPS 2: Wipe measured material surface dry and neat for best results. In addition, the measured material (walls,masonry and wood) being measured is not stacked or sitting on wetter materials.Press and hold for 5 seconds on 'HOLD' button to reset the factory..✅ ➜➜Very Important-TIPS 3: The pinless moisture meter readings can be influenced by nearby metal, or your own fingers. Keep fingers on the green-rubber grips, well clear of pad scanning(sensor pad) area..✅WHY CHOOSE RDINSCOS -- RDINSCOS tools are known for their affordability, quality and reliability. So reliable, that we back this wood moisture meter with a 3-year-replacement-warranty. If it let’s you down, we’ll replace it. No questions asked.



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