Grand Teton - 100% Organic Hard White Wheat Berries, US-Grown Wheat Berries Bulk, Packed with Fiber, Iron, and Protein, Premium Baking Staple, Unmilled, 25 lbs


Organically Grown in the US - Our organic wheat berries are grown here in Idaho USA to bring a wholesome farm to table experience to your meals. These whole wheat berries are hard white spring wheat, and provide great gluten and superior dough performance for baking and other dishes..Highly Nutritious - Support your health with these hard white wheat berries! These white wheat berries are loaded with fiber, protein, and essential minerals that promote healthier bones, gut function, and blood sugar levels..Mild, Delicate Taste - Grand Teton bulk wheat berries deliver an excellent gluten and dough performance, creating a delightfully chewy texture once cooked. These hard white wheat berries produce a mild taste with lightly sweet and earthy tones..Versatile Use - Enjoy these hard wheat berries in a variety of dishes! Use them whole on salads, pilafs, and soups, or mill them into wheat flour for bread, pasta, pizza dough, and leavened baked goods..Pure, All-Natural Goodness - Our organic wheat berries bulk is dried naturally and desiccant-free to retain its peak quality and nutrient profile. These whole grain berries are grown and harvested without the use of GMOs or synthetic chemicals.



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