PeaTos Crunchy Curls, Healthy Low Calorie Vegan Gluten Free Snack, 4g Protein, 3g Fiber | Classic (Not) Cheese Bags, 1oz, 15ct Box Crunchy No Cheese Curls Snack Sized Bags, Pack of 15


THE PEA-PLE v. BIG JUNK – PeaTos are a revolutionary upgrade of yesterday’s tired snacks, such as Cheetos and Funyuns. PeaTos are made with powerful PEAS instead of outdated CORN. Get a plant-based snack that’s made with great tasting, better ingredients..ALL RISE FOR BOLD FLAVOR - Forget “healthy chips” that taste like cardboard and enjoy all the flavor and fun of junk food with PeaTos! When a snack attack strikes, PeaTos delivers a healthier snack for adults and kids that actually tastes GOOD!.EXHIBIT PEA: With PeaTos, the junk food taste you crave includes 2x the protein and 3x the fiber of yesterday’s snacks thanks to nutrient-dense peas! PeaTos Crunchy No Cheese Curls have 4g of protein and 3g of fiber per serving..CALLING BETTER INGREDIENTS TO THE STAND —Forget the neon orange, fake-food snacks of the past. PeaTos are certified GLUTEN-FREE, NON-GMO and are made with NO MSG and NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS OR FLAVORS..MAKING THE CASE FOR “CHEESIER” TASTE THAT’S PLANT-BASED—Order in the cart!...Especially if you’re craving “cheesy” flavor that’s also 100% vegan! PeaTos is a totally dairy-free snack that makes no compromises when it comes to crunch factor..SNACKABLY SIZED, BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT—These 1 oz. snack size bags are perfect in between and alongside meals. These bags make a great individual snack for kids or adults. Good luck eating just one bag!.GUILTY OF GOOD SNACKING—Tracking points? Don’t compromise on flavor! PeaTos Big Bag Variety Mix are a 1 POINT, craveworthy, low-calorie snack! Pack some in your lunch bag before heading to work or before a long road trip. Includes 15 bag of No Cheese (1oz per bag).



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