Blue Polish Pad, Buffing Polishing Pads, SPTA 3Pcs 6.5 Inch Face for 6 Inch 150mm Backing Plate Compound Buffing Sponge Pads for Car Buffer Polisher Compounding, Polishing and Waxing -FPTSS6B-3


[Innovative design] The groove can store excess polishing paste and abrasives; at the same time, it speeds up the air circulation between the paint and the polishing pad and avoids the accumulation of heat;.[High-quality sponge] Using high-density polyurethane sponge, good ventilation performance, uniform elasticity, soft hand feel and easy to bend. Uniform pores, high air permeability and high tensile strength extend the service life of the polishing pad;.[Easy to use] The use of high-quality Velcro, easy to replace, improve work efficiency, and strong air permeability. Therefore, working heat can be radiated from the buckle to avoid adhesion failure due to heat accumulation on the back..[Standard size] The diameter of the sponge is 6.5 inches, and the bottom Velcro fasteners can prevent scratching and scorching of the sponge surface during the polishing process, reducing the wear and fasteners between the sponges, and improving product reliability..[Precautions] In the course of use, when there is too much abrasive accumulation, the polishing disc should be cleaned in time; the polishing disc should be cleaned in time after use, and do not use solvents or alkaline cleaners when cleaning the polishing disc.



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