Decoret English Translate Thermo Leather Covered Quran, Tafta Prayer Mat and Breads Set |Quran Size:8x5.5x1.2 İnch / 20x14x3cm | Great Ramadan Gifts for Muslim Men and Women Gift(Blue, 1 Sets)


3 Pieces Set;.1-English Translate Thermo Leather Covered Quran Size:8x5.5x1.2 İnch / 20x14x3cm.Quran: English Language (Meal) and Thermo Leather Covered (Translation By: Abdullah Yusuf Ali).2-Sajjadah Size is 46.5 x 27.5 İnch / 110 x 70 cm Weight: 250 grams. Prayer Carpet made in Turkey..3-Tasbeeh



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