Spanish Mantilla Catholic Mass Chapel Veil Church Head Covering Latin Mass Veil Large (GOLD&Black)


Classic Color Match:Gold Thread&Black Soft Tull , It's Smooth to the touch and lightweight on your head,Hand washable,Ironing when necessary.Veil length: 47.3" across by 23.6" front to back. Good draping on the head, It frames the face nicely, falling to the shoulders.It can lay in place with or without hairpins,If you have a lot of hair,Could probably pin it in place,If Needed Please do it by yourself ,It's Easy and simple..Our mantillas provide a elegant way to partake in head covering, would recommend if attending a traditional mass of religious ceremony in a traditional or orthodox church..Keeping your head modest during church prayer, which helps many people feel more connected to their religious beliefs.



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