Odorless Soft 3" Foam Pack and Play Mattress Topper, Pack n Play Mattress Topper-( Blue-Medium Hardness ) |Quiet Playpen Mattresses Topper | Fits (38"x26") Pack N Play Plaype|Pack Play Mattress Pad


SAFETY:pack n play Mattress Topper uses environmentally friendly materials, so you can use it with peace of mind and safety..Material: portable game mattress Topper uses baby-grade skin-friendly fabric, and the inner core is made of high-density breathable foam cotton to ensure that it is tasteless. Constant temperature. Heat insulation. Sound absorption and shock absorption. No deformation. Good ventilation performance will not cause sinking and prevent Suffocating, Practical gaming mattress Topper.Comfort: According to the baby's physical characteristics, after years of research and development, the perfect support density that fits the baby's curve is developed, which protects the baby's spine, and at the same time enables the game mattress to be stable and firm for the baby to sleep, play, and jump..Design: The perfect design is named after the tough blue and triangle elements: the starry sky in the dream, to express reliable quality, the overall 3D three-dimensional edge, and the crib heel are firmly attached to prevent the pacifier, toys from falling, and the sewing is semicircle The concave-convex design stitching concept, while sleeping, playing and jumping without slipping, more importantly shows the country's diversity, tolerance, fashion and freedom..After-sales service: care about your baby, strictly adheres to the determination of quality, and has incredible customer support. If you have any quality problems, use problems, please contact us, we will immediately communicate with you sincerely Solve, any dissatisfaction, dissatisfaction with the baby game mattress Topper, please contact us to give you an unconditional refund.



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