YoGPS 4G GPS Tracker for Car, Magnetic Car Tracker, Portable & Wireless Car GPS Tracker, Rechargeable Long Battery Life (10,000mAH), No Installation Needed, SIM Included


Real-Time Tracking with Instant Alerts - YoGPS GPS Tracker for vehicles tracks assets every 10-20 seconds, providing unlimited route playback history, instant alerts and advanced reporting features. Conveniently track your assets anywhere across all of USA, Canada & Mexico.Advanced Anti-Theft Car Solution with Unlimited Geofences - YoGPS car tracker device and mobile app leverage innovative GPS and cellular technology to keep track of your asset’s location in real-time. Define virtual safe areas on the app and receive instant notifications and location when your asset enters/exits this virtual perimeter..How to Use It & Where- Our vehicle tracker is pre-configured and easy to use. No installation needed. Charge the GPS tracker for 8 hours, place it in your car and sign up via the YoGPS app to start tracking. Use our tracking device for cars, equipment, RVs, motorcycles, trucks, bikes & boats!.Subscription needed: Flexible subscription plans start at $8 a month. We offer monthly ($20), 3 months ($36, equals to $12 a month) or 1 year plans ($96, equals to $8 a month). YoGPS covers the cost for data communication and only charges a flat subscription fee. No contracts. For assistance, contact support@yogps.com.Long Battery Life: Full battery (8 hours charge) can last 3-5 weeks depending on frequency of location updates and driving time (1-2 hours per day).



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