ECO-WORTHY 14KWH 3600W 48V Solar Power Complete System for Home Shed: 18pcs 195W Solar Panel + 1pc 5000W 48V All-in-one MPPT Solar Charge Inverter + 3pcs 48V 50AH Lithium Battery(7680WH) + Z-Bracket


🏠[ 14KWH Daily Output ]: The power of 14KWh per day under 4 hours full sunshine, very suitable for home, shed, cabin, farm or other energy backup, and it will provide enough power for TV,air/window condition, water heater, refrigerator, coffee maker, microwave and other AC 110V devices..🔋[Super-High Capacity & 10+ Years' life Batteries ]: With 7680Wh of 3pcs 48V 50Ah lithium batteries, which have higher charging/discharging efficiency and more than 3000 times deep cycles than lead acid batteries. Built-in BMS chips(battery management system), can also prevent the battery from getting damaged and provide multi-protections..📡[ Space-saving and Efficient ]: Composed of 5000W 48V DC-110V AC pure sine wave inverter and 80A MPPT controller. Not only can it be used off-grid, but when there is no sunlight, it can also receive electricity from the grid to charge the battery to meet all-weather use, which will protect appliance life with no electromagnetic pollution and has 99.9% high efficiency power.You can remotely monitor the running status of the system through APP..💪[ 21.5% High Efficiency & Easy Connection ]: Aluminum frame and tempered glass panel for extended outdoor use, allowing the panels to last for decades. The IP65 waterproof panel can also withstand high winds (2400Pa) and snow loads (5400Pa)..🛒[Warm After-Sales Service]: The complete solar power system includes 18pcs 195W solar panel, 1pc 5000W 48V hybrid solar charger inverter, 3pcs 48V 50Ah Lithium batteries, Z-bracket as well as accessories needed. These items will be sent in seperate packages and 1 year WARRANTY is provided. Any other questions, please feel free to contact us.



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