Eat Well Sesame Seeds, 6 oz Hulled White Sesame Seeds, Fresh Raw Whole Hulled Sesame Seeds, 100% Natural Herbs Spices Pure Gourmet Cooking Ingredients for Cooking, Baking, Oil, Tahini


HULLED WHITE SESAME SEEDS: White hulled sesame seeds are produced by removing the outer husk, leaving a creamy, ivory-colored seed with a milder nutty flavor and smoother texture for baked goods.DELICIOUS TASTE: Sesame seeds are a versatile ingredient used in various cuisines. Found in dishes like tahini, halva, simit, and sesame balls, they are also used as toppings for bagels, sushi rolls.VERSATILE SPICE RACK INGREDIENT: Sesame seeds can also be mixed into spice blends like dukkah, or used to make marinades, and dressings. Also used in perfumes, cosmetics, and aromatherapy products.100% NATURAL SESAME SEEDS: Pure ingredients, no preservatives, additives or colorants. Gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan. Farm fresh, in resealable bag to maintain the herb's freshness and aroma.EAT WELL PREMIUM FOODS RANGE: High quality Turkish spices, herbs, teas, and seasonings. Nutrition made with 100% natural ingredients, with a 30 day money back guarantee for peace of mind



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