South Bend Rope Marine Grade Double Braided Nylon Dock Line w/Eye Splice (Red/White/Blue, 5/8-inch x 25 feet)


PREMIUM QUALITY MARINE GRADE DOUBLE-BRAIDED NYLON: Enhanced with our proprietary ExoTough technology, South Bend Rope manufactures the most durable, rugged, and reliable dock line on the market. The double-braided design provides maximum durability while remaining flexible and easy to use. With tensile strength ranging from 5,000 LBS to 31,000 LBS, our dock line is the perfect choice for docking and securing your boat even in rough waters and dock areas..CORROSION RESISTANT: Marine-grade nylon material withstands UV, salt water, oil, acid, alkali, and chemical damage to ensure a long-lasting dock line for years to come. Perfect for use with boat fender bumpers and docking. Don’t settle for brands that break down quickly with lesser materials and craftsmanship..12” PROFESSIONALLY HEAT-TREATED EYE SPLICE: Our premium mooring line includes a 12” heat-treated eye splice for your docking convenience. You no longer need to worry about manually making your own eye splice or knots. Maximum durability assures it will last you multiple seasons without fraying or unraveling..RELIABLE & STRONG: South Bend Rope combines the durability, strength, and reliability needed to safely secure and dock your boat while remaining flexible, kink-free, and soft to the touch for ease of use. Can easily be knotted and unknotted if needed..SPECIFICATIONS: Color - Red/White/Blue | Diameter - 5/8-inch | Length - 25 feet | Eye Splice - 12” | Tensile Strength – 13,500 LBS



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