MT Products 1.25 oz Popcorn Boxes for Party - Pack of 50#3 Popcorn Buckets - Movie Theater Container with Close Top


KEEP IT FRESH: This colorful and attractive popcorn containers is a great way to hold your popcorn and keep it fresh when you are at an event like the Movie Theater, Stadium, or Carnival. Popcorn boxes for party make a great addition for anyone manning the food carts or anyone working in the food line! Enjoy your flavorful popcorn using this popcorn box or popcorn container..RESEALABLE TOP: Cleverly designed popcorn bags for party with a resealable top that will ensure your popcorn will stay fresh for longer. The feature of these popcorn holders also guarantees that no popcorn will fall out, these popcorn buckets for movie night make it great to use when you are moving around, or walking from place to place. This popcorn holders or popcorn bucket is great for any family bonding..QUALITY MATERIAL: These movie party favors and paper popcorn bags are made of quality material popcorn bag promising durability and strength. Our popcorn buckets reusable for movie theater popcorn can be opened and closed multiple times without any tear or wear making it a great movie night popcorn boxes to use throughout an event..PERFECT SIZE: With a movie popcorn boxes Dimension of: Width: 4" x Depth: 2" x Height: 7" and 1.25 oz capacity these paper popcorn boxes bulk offers plenty of room to fill up with popcorn and share with friends. With these popcorn containers for party we can enjoy a night of fun with family and friends as you all indulge in deliciousness. (Please note: The popcorn buckets disposable boxes does not include popcorn).FILL UP POPCORN HOLDERS FOR PARTY: Use this movie popcorn buckets paper as a goodie bag to stuff nosh or little prizes, so guests can take home souvenirs after a popcorn party. Fill up these popcorn paper bags for party with candy, chocolate, and popcorn and watch those delighted smiles as they savor each sweet bite.



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