Fanwer 4-Piece Hip Kit for Total Hip Replacement with Sock Aid, 32" Foldable Reacher Grabber Pickup Tool, 30.7" Long Shoe Horn & Dressing Stick and 2Pcs Pants Helper Device


▶ 4-Piece Set: Advanced recovery set designed to promote independence when recovering from injury or surgery. Provides help with daily living, including when recovering from hip or knee surgery, bariatric surgery, or limited mobility and limited range of motion..▶32" Reacher Grabber: The pliers can be rotated and used vertically and horizontally. 32" in length to reach places your arms normally can't reach. Folds for easy storage and is lightweight so you can easily lift it and take it anywhere..▶Independent Dressing Stick: The dressing stick is a handy 2-in-1 tool for assisting with dressing and shoeing. 2 side S-hooks help put on and take off socks and grab hangers. Shoe horns help you put on shoes easily and the extra long 24" long foam handle helps reduce stretching and bending..▶Sock Assist. Covered with terry cloth, the Sock Assist grips your socks gently but firmly, allowing you to easily pull them up without tearing the fabric. The large loop handle is easy to grip and pull with a gentle feel. is easy to grip and pull with a gentle feel..▶Pants Assistant: Each pants tool comes with a clip-and-pull dressing aid strap. Adjustable from 26" to 41". Instructions: Step 1 : Attach the clip to your pants. Step 2 : Put your feet into the pants. Step 3 : Pull up the pants to avoid bending over and you can easily put on the pants with one hand. Application: Perfect for pulling up underwear, pants, boxers or skirts.



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