MB Herbals Dry Mango Powder | 8 oz / 0.5 LB / 227g | Amchur Powder | Dry Raw Mango Powder | Gluten Free | Non GMO, No Preservatives | 100% Pure & Natural Spice Seasoning for Indian cuisine


Our Dry Mango Powder Spray Dried and processed from Non GMO Mangoes from Saurashtra region of Gujarat, India. Cheap Dry Mango Powders are added with artificial flavors and citric acid. Our Dry Mango Powder is made from pure Mango Pulp and does not contain syntheric citric acid or any added flavor or color..Raw Mango powder is prepared from early season mangoes that are still green and unripe. Traditionally the Aamchur Powder is prepared by sun drying the thinly-sliced mango peels under the hot Indian sun. Our powder is prepared by a modern technique of spray drying to avoid loss of nutrition..Raw Mango Powder is also known as Aamchur or Aamchur Powder. It is extensively used in the Indian cuisine especially in the curries, dal (lentil curry) and Indian snacks such as Spicy Chivda, Poha, Mixed Lentils etc. It is an essential ingredient in chutneys and is also used to tartarize meat..Raw Mango Powder is sprinkled on salads and fruits such as papaya, pineapple, apple, watermelon etc. with a pinch of salt and sugar to enhance the taste of the fruits..Raw Mango Powder promotes digestion and addes a tangy & sour flavor to the food.



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