Kamoer Small Diaphragm Pump 12V brushless Motor high Flow Rate Long Life 320-400 ml/min Micro Vacuum Pump PWM Adjustable Speed


KLP04 12V DC brushless motor diaphragm liquid pump, brushless motor adjustable speed control flow (PWM speed control), flow rate 320~400 ml/min, pressure 90Kpa, self-priming head >2m, noise 3000H, use environment 5-50℃, 0-90%RH..KLP04 miniature diaphragm liquid pump design principle: it is designed according to the principle of volumetric pump. It is powered by the rotation of the motor, through the eccentric wheel on the motor shaft to drive the rubber cycle, reciprocating motion, forming the action of inhalation and discharge inside the cavity, through the closure and opening of the one-way valve so as to achieve the inhalation and discharge of gas and liquid..KLP04 12V diaphragm liquid pump advantages: small size, weight only about 40g. Low noise, maintenance-free, and good stability..KLP04 12V diaphragm liquid pump applications: liquid dispensing, machine parts, coding industry, experiments, etc.



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