Wired Glass Break Detector, Adjustable Sensitivity Door Window Break‑in Sensor with Tamper Alarm, Ceiling/Wall Mount


The working principle of the wired glass break detector is mainly to receive sound information and determine whether it belongs to the sound of broken glass to determine whether to send out an alarm..Glass break detectors are mainly wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted, and can also be installed on the glass frame or directly on the glass surface..The durable ABS shell ensures the service life of the door alarms for home security. At the same time, the window alarm sensors has a tamper-proof alarm. Once illegal disassembly is detected, an alarm will be issued, and it supports networked alarm output..The omni-directional microphone design and the built-in audio analysis microprocessor of the door sensor can filter out the noise caused by non-glass breaking..The sensitivity of the door alarm is adjustable, and there are warning indications of "super high sensitivity" and "super low sensitivity", depending on your needs.



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