GPOAS Pallet Puller Clamp 2204lbs Stump Puller Steel Single Scissor Truck Material Handling Bush Grubber 5 Inch Jaw Opening Industrial Pallet Grabber Hook Puller Tool For Hoisting Wood, Boards.


2204LBS Maximum Capacity: The pallet puller clamp adopts solid steel structure, powder coating treatment, high strength, strong toughness, corrosion resistance, not easy to paint, compact, light, durable and reliable.Easy-pull Design: it is easy to pull the pallet onto the trailer door. The scissor design increases the grip as the applied pulling force increases. The single scissors action allows a wider jaw opening.Unique Convex Tooth Chuck: 10 steel convex teeth on both sides of the jaws can easily grab the tray, with strong bite and not easy to fall off. The jaws can be opened up to 5" wide. Its pulling force is 2204 Lbs.High Visibility: Pallet Grubber is in bright yellow for best visibility among your other parts and tools,allows you to find it in any background.Premium Nut & End Loop: Three non-slip nuts are fixed, which can be changed and adjusted at will, which is more convenient and fast. High-quality arched end rings can be attached to chains or shoulder straps



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