Bedecor California King Fitted Sheet Only,21 inch Extra Deep Pocket Light Gray Bottom Bed Sheet, Soft Breathable,Stay in Place,for Pillow Top Mattress Thick Mattress


【For Multi-layer Mattresses】Many modern mattresses, especially those with a pillow-top, memory foam, or other added layers, require deeper pocket sheets to fit correctly. Extra deep pocket sheets cater to this need, allowing for a proper fit..【Accommodates mattress toppers】 If you use a mattress topper or pad to enhance your sleeping experience, extra deep pocket sheets can accommodate the added thickness, ensuring a proper fit without compromising the topper's effectiveness..【Better Fit and Grip】Extra deep pocket sheets are designed to fit snugly over thicker mattresses, ensuring a secure grip without slipping off during the night. This can lead to a more comfortable sleep experience.Fit over-sized mattresses up to 21 inches deep .Best for any room in your home:bedroom,guest room,kids room,RV,vacation home..【Smooth and wrinkle-free appearance】 When sheets fit correctly, they tend to lay smoothly over the mattress, creating a neat and wrinkle-free appearance. This can enhance the visual appeal of your bed and bedroom..【Easier bed-making】When the sheets fit the mattress properly, making the bed becomes a more straightforward task. With the extra deep pocket sheets, you won't have to struggle to keep the corners in place or worry about the sheet popping off while you're trying to put on the other bedding.



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