YOU LOVE FRUIT – APPLE & CINNA-SIDEKICK All Natural Fruit Snacks, Healthy Snack Pack, Real Fruit! Gluten Free, Non GMO, Vegan, Fiber packed, Low Fat, Kosher, Variety Pack, Great For Adding To Gift Box, 1.0 oz (Pack of 12)


ALL NATURAL FRUIT SNACKS: These low carb/low fat snacks are Certified Organic and naturally Vegan and Gluten-Free. And with so much variety to choose from (several yummy flavors), you’ll want to buy this healthy snack in bulk! It won’t be long before these fruit snacks claim their spot as your favorite low-carb snack. Healthy snacking never tasted so good! Great for adding to a gift box! Awesome snacks for adults and kids!.CERTIFIED ORGANIC AND GLUTEN FREE: Not only are these fruit snacks certified non GMO, organic and gluten free, but they’re naturally vegan, nut free and kosher, making them the best choice for anything from children’s snacks to office snacks. Because they fit well with so many dietary restrictions, these low-calorie snacks are ideal for all needs. Whether you’re looking for AIP snacks, vegetarian or kosher snacks, you’ve found the ideal fit..REALLY REAL INGREDIENTS: If you’re looking for REAL FRUIT snacks, you’ve found ‘em. There’s no guesswork here. We take tree-ripened fruits grown in our very own orchards and use a simple yet effective process to preserve all the goodness and nutrition. NO added sugars, starches or waxes. That’s why they fit the bill as ideal paleo snacks or perfect pregnancy snacks. And for those in-the-know, they also make great weight loss snacks!.NUTRITIOUS AND DELICIOUS: Wanna hear an earth-shattering secret? High-fiber health snacks really can taste divine! Packed with vitamin C, fiber and energy, these yummy superfood snacks are as delicious as they are nutritious. And because we use a mango base, each snack is also rich in vitamins A,C and E with iron and flavonoids. And they’re super-portable, so they make great camping snacks!.MOUTH-WATERING VARIETY: Several yummy flavors to choose from, all with a mango base that's higher in fiber, lower in sugar and higher in vitamins than apple puree! These superfood packs truly are the best snacks for adults and kids. And this bulk pack is ideal for any time you need healthy variety snacks!



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