Sky | Premium USA Grown, Raw Peanuts in Shell for Squirrels, 2.5lb | Unsalted Peanuts in The Shell, Boiled Peanuts, Jumbo Raw Peanuts in The Shell, Squirrel Peanuts in Shell Unsalted


USDA Inspected: Our products are tested by labs certified by the USDA to meet federal regulations on human/animal consumption and are free to chemical byproducts unsafe for human consumption. Peanuts are richly enveloped in proteins and fatty acids, and is the most common household snack! Raw peanuts are not safe for direct consumption, we recommend boiling, roasting, baking or frying before eating. Store Peanuts below 60F for longevity..Outdoor and Wildlife: Our fresh crop provides the best, freshest, unsalted and raw Virginia peanuts on the market. We never mix with older crops that are substandard in both quality and size. Peanuts provide great nutrition for many birds, squirrels, and other wild animals..Attract Wildlife: Many chipmunks, ducks, geese, raccoons, deer, birds and squirrels enjoy peanuts as highly nutritious diets. Birds such as Blue jays, scrub jays, stellar jays, cardinals, ravens, pigeons, woodpeckers, parrots, doves, magpies and many others!.In a Box: Product comes sealed from our factory in a box and shipped directly to your doorsteps, no flimsy plastic bags that's easily damaged.Satisfaction Guaranteed: We stand behind our products, and we believe that once you try our products, you will not be disappointed. Should you are not 110% satisfied with our product, please reach out to us directly and we will do our very best to satisfy every customer. Buy American products and support your local small farms.



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